Bismarck, ND Nearly Misses Setting All Time Cold Records

Chris Martz Weather

The northern tier of the U.S. has seen its fair share of cold weather over the past two weeks. Temperatures have been averaging about six degrees colder than average for the past 14 days!


Despite some of the record heat seen in the Southeast, the extremely cold conditions prevailing  across most of the Northern Hemisphere, by far outweigh what Florida has seen.

Bismarck, North Dakota is no exception, as they have been dealing with one of their coldest autumns on record, averaging about five degrees below average.

Maximum temperatures on September 30, reached 43 degrees, which was just ONE degree above the record low maximum of 42 set 136 years ago in 1882! And if that isn’t good enough for you, October 4 also saw a maximum of 40 degrees, which nearly tied 38 set 120 years ago, in 1898. The minimum temperature fell to 23, which was shy 6…

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What is outside the binary box?

I start here in my vain attempts to satisfy my narcissistic ego.  This is about me and has no truth in it for anyone else. I am not sane. This is for certain. No, I have not been medically declared so. It is a foregone conclusion of a self diagnosis. My method of diagnosis was a comparative one and my models of normalcy were world leaders and the vox populi of the media.

But this does not explain about the binary box. It is an explanation of me that begins this RAMBLE . For that is what this blog be.

Being outside the box is obvious, even for the simplest of simpletons and should need no explanation.  But, for the sake of argument, lets explore what a ‘box’ is. A box is a way of thinking. A belief structure that limits one’s abilities to perceive.  All kinds of people have all kinds of boxes that define(through limitation) their individual perspectives. The binary box, is one that is, in my opinion, fairly consistent and popular throughout society. It is one of extreme opposites. Like binary code it consists of 1’s and 0’s which are  on/off switches in a dualistic nature. It sees the world with a  black or white mentality, and an us or them competitiveness, that drives them to succeed at any cost.

Binary thinking is all about opposites. In politics it is the left/right paradigm of socialism vs capitalism.  At the extreme opposites of this spectrum, each believer of their own binary belief becomes like a mirror image of the other. Zealously spouting ‘truths’ about the evils of the other believer’s ways.  Never aware of how truly alike they are.

Binary thinking is also common within fundamentally religious. Any religious belief based on myth, and the perception that only through their prophet/religion can anyone seek salvation with God an infinitely eternal being, is in my opinion has a limited perspective of the meaning of the words, ‘infinite and eternal’.  Why would an infinite being limit itself to one religious teaching?  It seems rather short-sighted for a limitless intelligence. No, it is the conclusion of binary thinking, which is often the power tool of authority figures wanting to maintain their authority.

As a quick side note. Any seemingly anti-religious diatribe being spewed from my fingertips is meant for the corrupt organizations that claim to represent the prophets whose teachings supposedly founded their belief structure. Too often the pure teachings of the prophets, being peace love compassion and forgiveness, became lost in the self-serving dogma of the organization and its organizational hierarchy. Anything I write is not meant as an attack on any individual’s own spiritual beliefs. Unless for some absurd reason you believe in mythology. Blind faith is a fool’s folly and is symptomatic of a binary mentality.

Binary thinking is also the most common tool of marketers and advertisers. They sell the notion that either you are a winner or a loser by what you buy and how much you buy. Emotionally, it is fear of being the loser and the joy of being a winner that drives the consumerist manifesto. It is a facile and superficial ideology that puts value on quantity rather than quality.

To be outside the binary box, is not to be confused with being box-free. It is to put oneself in a whole other box, a somewhat larger box but still a box. For no matter how one tries, one can never escape boxes. They come in all sizes and all shapes with various colors and patterns. There can be a box within a box or even many boxes within a box. We all have boxes, there is no escaping this ‘truth’. The question is; How big is your box? How much does it encompass?


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